Inbound FinTech is a specialist Inbound & PPC Digital Marketing Agency Servicing FinTech and Technology companies.

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About InboundFinTech

Inbound FinTech is a specialist Inbound & PPC/SEO Digital Marketing Agency servicing FinTech and Technology companies.

We’re a  of a team of tech savvy marketeers. We have decades of experience working with Digital Media.  We’re also an award winning PPC Google Partner agency on the Outbound arm of the business

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Case Studies

Kantox uses HubSpot to transform its leads generation

Kantox offers online solutions for currency exchange management for small caps and mid caps. Kantox built a marketplace based on a matching engine that allows customers to directly exchange currencies between them at mid-market rates.

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Natalia Bandach

Product Marketing Manager, Kantox

"We now have greater insight into our leads and we use that information to have our pitch ready to go. This added context is really powerful for our sales team."

FinTech Leader Intelliflo Uses HubSpot to Increase Leads by 165%

Intelliflo is a SaaS business that delivers an on-demand management system to clients in the financial services industry so they can become more efficient, manage risk and build a better business. To increase website traffic and generate more leads, Intelliflo developed an inbound marketing strategy and began the process of identifying the right marketing software.

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Dan Moody

Digital Marketing Manager, Intelliflo

"HubSpot helped us increase traffic and leads, as well as sales rep productivity thanks to its Salesforce integration and lead scoring feature."

F1F9 Revolutionises its lead generation process with HubSpot

F1F9 is a financial modelling company with a global reach. Its tagline is “make better decisions”, and in 2013, it made an important one itself. It needed to generate more inbound leads but the collection of marketing tools that it was using wasn’t up to the challenge. Since using HubSpot, it has revolutionised how its marketing and sales process works, and the company now generates 600 new leads each month.

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Stephen Daniels

Marketing Director, F1F9

"Selecting HubSpot was a great decision for our business. The software is easy to use and helps us generate and nurture huge numbers of leads."

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